Gear I use

Today I wanted to show you what kind of gear I use to create my pictures.

I will start of with the most simple things:

I can really recommend the Nikon D7200 for nealry every kind of photographer. It is not that expensive but a good allrounder for different types of photographs (portrait, landscape and so on). The 35mm lens is perfect for portrait photography, the bokeh effect is gorgeous! And for people who are into landscape photography and never used a 10mm lens, try out the Nikon 10-24mm (or any other lens with the same focal length). You will be surprised how much of the landscape will fit into your picture!

Example of a 10mm focal length picture.

The next and most often last step is the post processing. I started post processing with Adobe Lightroom and I never wanted to change since then. Lightroom is easy to handle. It has great options to organize your pictures and the editing options are more than sufficient. Gear I use to edit:

I hope I could inspire any of the photographers out here with some new gear to try out!

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